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Stop making sense and start making success

Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success is Lasse Passage's second full lenght album and was digitally released as four separate mini-albums starting in January 2014 before coming together on a dbl. 12” vinyl, released the 20th of November 2015. Each of the four mini-albums has its particular expression and sound, but with a joint nerve that ties the releases together as a whole. The album is based on songs written for acoustic guitar and voice, but with untraditional instrumentation and recording techniques that takes us through a musical journey through lo-fi, sentimental disco and drone. Cover design by Ozalp Eroz

"It’s perhaps best described as a kind of musical documentary or diary, revealing its authors shifting curiosities and longings. The four volumes do not add up to a greater whole or grant clarification of an overarching raison d’être — hence fortifying the notion as the cycle as an anti-album, assembled in an age where we’re not likely to see another Sgt. Pepper or SMiLE any time soon. Ironically — this favouring of impulse over composition, the constant emphasis of experimentation, and on musical miniatures or (what Brian Wilson may have called) feels  — forms a philosophically conceptual whole, as consistent as one compositional or cosmetic. We are invited to follow a year in the musical life of singer/ songwriter Lasse Passage — an artist who doesn’t want to make sense and who’s not likely to be making any sort of commercial success with his ambitious project, but who offers a thoroughly poignant and exciting testimony of his day to day imagination and emotions."
- Lars Åndheim (film director)

Tiny Mix Tapes (US): "Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success is the goods. The real good shit. It’s the same talent similarly minded artists from a decade ago (The Robot Ate Me, The Microphones/early Mount Eerie) were able to deliver."

Kindamuzik (NL): "(Lasse Passage) knows with humor and tragedy to own mark on the unusual, exciting and postmodern singer-songwriter music."

5/5 stars from ".. resembels the genius cracyness of Frank Zappa (and Todd Lundgren)..”

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